Sentience Technology

Neo4j Developer

Neo4j Developer

£300 to £400
6 Months
London GBR
Start date
24/02/2013 00:00:00
25/01/2013 16:20:08

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The Details

An exciting opportunity to join a team in developing a semantic system leveraging unstructured data in the enterprise.

An exciting opportunity for the New Year to join a team in developing a semantic system leveraging unstructured data in the enterprise. A team backed by investors and with management from one of the largest SaaS sales in European history are working on several projects and looking for the right characters to enhance this team. We are looking for developers with experience in a range of cutting edge fields and especially those who thrive in a role that demands innovative and creative solutions to challenging problems.

Desired Skills & Experience

We are looking for a specialist with solid experience with graphDB's and in particular Neo4j to join a dynamic team developing a cloud based productivity solution for the enterprise. The candidate will need to be familiar with the latest tools and be able to demonstrate a good understanding of graphDB data modelling.

- Experience of modelling, building, traversing, indexing and querying large graph databases (especially Neo4j)
- Experience in J2SE / J2EE development
- Ability to take ownership of an area and be self motivated in seeing it through to completion
- Experience of Java development in high volume, scalable environments
- Service-oriented architectures, web services and Cloud technologies
- Permit to work in the EU

Very interested in:
- Experience with Lucene
- Experience with Gremlin
- Experienced in handling Cache-Layers

Company Profile

Sentience is a new UK based company providing B2B solutions. Sentience is focused on using technologies in the following areas and have a broad experience across these subjects:

Big data and social graph
Cloud security
Mobile device applications
REST oriented SOA architectures
Workflow and BPM
Social media connectivity

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